In 4 weeks my group and I created this short film directed at children age 4-6. 
It was a lot of hard work and many late hours, but It was also fun and I am very, very pleased with the result!
I was Lead Animator on the dog, but worked on the animation on both characters in all scenes and also helped with sound edit.

I rather happy with the animations I did on this, especially the dog running at the end. I had my hands on most of the animations as well.

You can also watch it on Vimeo.

Given I’m a complete newbie in digital painting, I’d call it a fair amount of progress. None of those are finished but schoolwork doesn’t leave me much time for completing those, besides, tweaking the same piece over and over would be pointless. Those are from two separate 1-week courses, rendering and color. I think it made me less afraid of painting. I could start doing some more on my own as long find a theme I like…